In 2020, we mainly want to enjoy our band "logs" - 50 years of continuous operation on the Czech music scene. We are planning not only a number of concerts at home, but also in Slovakia and Germany. Just before the completion, there are 2 new albums, normal and Christmas. Everybody has to finish the last few songs and they can go to the studio.

   On this occasion, we would like to thank our general partner, with whom we signed a contract last year, to FENIX Jeseník. It was also thanks to him that we were able to improve our technical background, perform several charity performances and improve our services to organizers and listeners.

   From the last of November 2019 to 5th January 2020 we played with great success 13 Advent concerts and one three Kings concert. Your great interest and atmosphere of these shows encourages us to search for other Advent and Christmas songs and melodies. Think of us to make everything happen!

In 2019 we are preparing not only a number of concerts, but also other new songs. We will play them in front of the audience and we will win the most successful for the 14th row album, which we would like to release for the 50th anniversary of the Kanners, which will be in 2020. We would like it to be all new again. If circumstances and financial possibilities allow us, maybe some older titles, which have been sold out for a long time, may be re-edited. Keep your fingers crossed for us to have a happy hand when choosing!

   We would also like to further develop the tradition of Advent and Christmas concerts (13 in 2018), which have gained great popularity with you, our dear viewers. Keep us in favor!

For the year 2018 we are planning not only a series of concerts, but also a number of new songs from different parts of the world. Prevailing will have songs from Celtic folk (Irish, Scottish and Breton). We will also introduce a new feature-length live show Wind from the Mountains. We would also like to make a new album, if the circumstances and financial possibilities of the band allow. After the success of our twelfth, terrific album, Good Night of You, we'd like to record the new album live with the audience. We release and release all the albums at our own expense. As an independent band, we do not want anyone to talk to us about the selection of songs and overall albums. After a very successful series of advent concerts in 2017 (there were 19), we would like to continue in this tradition, of course with a number of Christmas novels. Think of us doing it all. We look forward to seeing you at our concerts for the whole year with you, our friends and supporters.

For the year 2017, we plan not only a number of concerts but also a significant enrichment of our repertoire of new songs, which we have prepared for a whole range. Right from January, we started working hard on them. During the year, we perform in a three-member composition, and we have been returning to performances with composers for years. Since, even in the 47th year of our existence, music is a great entertainment for us, we believe that we will share the joy with you at our stadiums. Hold us your fists to make it happen. We look forward to every other meeting with you!

In 2016, we look forward to any further meetings with you, our friends and supporters. For those who want to enhance their CD collection on a new album Kantor, we have good news. Brand new Christmas album is already recorded and will be LIVE! It only remains to be cut, cleaned and create printed on the cover. This certainly comes out. For many years, we wanted the record to which he captured the atmosphere of playing in front of a live audience. Therefore, the recording was captured on CD and St. Stephen's Advent concert in December 2015 before the great audience in Jirásek Theatre in Nový Bydžov.

In the jubilee year 2015, we would like to especially enjoy the anniversary of 45 years of the band, we have made all our actions. The circumstances or the state of our finances we, unfortunately, did not allow to record a new album, so we moved the entire project for the next years, possibly indefinitely. The more we focused on touring.

The year 2014 in the sign of the concerts in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the preparations for the filming of a new Christmas album, and several actions to 44. anniversary of the continuous activities of the band. Due to the prolonged illness of the band has been pushed back filming new full-length albums for the year 2015. In the meantime, until further notice, we play according to the current situation in either three or four. All of our actions, we shall remain in force without limitation.

In 2013, we have, in addition to the normal concert activities were about the material on the two series albums, of which one Christmas. Filming should be in summer 2014, if we have enough money in the meantime. The repertoire on the Christmas album is completely ready, the next album is in process. If all succeeds, one album we released in the autumn of the same year, a second then, according to the options in the following years. Keep your fingers crossed, we all brought to an end.

New DVD "KANTOŘI at Bethlehem" came out with a delay of up to 28. 3. in 2013. We originally planned release date at the end of November 2012. We've been remodeling, but some things dodělávali and in order to improve the final appearance of the DVD the best. In addition to the selected 14 songs from our two Christmas albums and a single from the album the wind from Keltie, You sure to please dozens of good old-fashioned Bohemian and contemporary Nativity scenes from the whole Bohemia, which is enhanced by the Christmas atmosphere. Even now with us all filmed and directed Jindra Honzík. We believe that we will give you this latest achievement made happy!!

In 2012, we played a number of concerts in the US and abroad, and also completed the whirling Christmas DVD, which we have failed to finish in 2011 and issue.

In addition to the successful concerts in the Czech and Slovak Republic prepared by the in 2011 for its fans as well as new, in the order of 11. Studio album "Dawn". The CD contains 15 folk songs to dozens of European Nations. In the arrangement and interpretation of this time by the somewhat "stiffen", but strictly see to it, that it was not at the expense of their own Poetics. Take advantage of not only the music on the album podehrávek, but also the skill in his guest-drummer of Václav Tláskala. The release charged DVD "By in Bethlehem" unfortunately had to be pushed back to 2012. Not even a powerful promotion of Hradec Králové region on the last and new DVD unfortunately has to be granted regional grant and to release two titles in the year is above the financial possibilities of the band. And by the intention of similar situations at the expense of their listeners-want to continue to keep the price of their performance at a level acceptable even for the smallest of the Organizer.In addition to successful concerts in the Czech and Slovak Republics KANTOŘI prepared in 2011 for his fans and new, in the order of 11th studio album "Dawn". CD contains 15 folk songs, dozens of European nations. The arrangement and interpretation of time rather KANTOŘI "stiffen", but strictly see to it that it was not at the expense of their peculiar poetics. The album not only used podehrávek music, but also his guest artform - Václav Tláskal drummer. Charged Edition DVD "KANTOŘI at Bethlehem" unfortunately had to be postponed for 2012. Even the powerful promotion of the Hradec Králové region in the last and the new DVD, unfortunately, not sufficient to return the county grant and release of two titles in the financial possibilities of the band. And cantor does not intend to deal with similar situations at the expense of their listeners - they want to continue to keep the price of their performances at a level acceptable for even the smallest of the organizer.

In 2010 the folk group of KANTOŘI (Schoolmasters) and its supporters have celebrated an incredible 40 years of continuous musical activities. On that occasion, the band released a new DVD, which contains 15 songs and an orchestral melody of four regular albums. The picture on this DVD was recorded in July and August 2010 at selected locations in the region of Hradec Kralove.  Anniversary DVD, "Why do we not rejoice" was released in September 2010 with the subtitle "KANTOŘI - a selection from 1970 to 2010". Homonymous song we offer on our site as a small taste of the new DVD and add other "sweets" in the form of a good man Paddy Ballads, Lilies and now I can drink whiskey (see left column).

At the end of 2009 the band had set for its first DVD fans. This is a unique journalistic record of a Christmas concert, which every year during Advent KANTOŘI enjoying their friends and supporters. The recording was made in a completely sold-out house in New Bydžov 19  December 2009 and the DVD "KANTOŘI - Christmas Concert" was released on the 14th  January 2010. It is available on the band's gigs, in selected stores and can be ordered via the internet. I find this DVD through our samples link on You Tube.

In 2008, KANTOŘI recorded another album of folk songs of various nations. They are new again, and never before unreleased songs from the repertoire. Filming took place in late July and August 2008. A new CD called "Fair" was released in early December 2008. KANTOŘI there are students to know how many years. For the title of this CD was inspired old Scottish ballad in Scarborough Fair. Several other songs are of such nature that they could be played quietly in the old markets, where goods are offered diverse nature and origin. This, of course, included the singing broadside. The unifying element is the interpretation of a band that uses historical and contemporary tools and their combinations.

The anniversary of 35 years of continuous band (in 2005) came ninth in the order of the CD "Christmas sundew". Most Christmas songs and melodies of various nations, included in this album, the band currently being modified. Several titles are KANTOŘI back into his past and included songs that could be recorded before 1989. This CD builds on the first Christmas album, the current report "Will tell the joy," released in 2001.

The previous album, the band called "Feast". CD was released in November 2003 and find the songs on it from 15 different nations  to 19  century. None of a total of 18 songs to date on any previous album came out, although some of them were over 33 years of existence of the group included in concert programs.

Folk Group KANTOŘI operates on the Czech music scene since November 1970 and is among the longest performing groups in the Czech Republic. With its high standard of performance, the band became one of music fixed stars, on which interest does not fall with the years.
    Music bands credo remains the same since its inception:

Building on the musical traditions of the past, to bring current students of music and text magic folk songs and tunes from the earliest times to the present.

Building on the musical traditions of the past, to bring current students of music and text magic folk songs and tunes from the earliest times to the present.
    Sound combinations of violin, flute, keyboards, accordion, acoustic and electric guitars with historical instruments - two hurdy-gurdy, flutes, fiddle, medieval bagpipes, whistle gurdy, tin whistle, low whistle, chalumeau, clarinet, bodhran, double drums and percussion, etc. - KANTOŘI achieve their musical originality.
The current composition of the band performs from May 1993. At the concerts performed in the stylized period dress.
During its existence, the group spread the beauty of European folk music in many countries (Germany, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Malta, Spain, Portugal, France, Denmark, Cuba, Cyprus, Vietnam, Switzerland, Italy). KANTOŘI are to his credit dozens of recordings on the radio, appearances on television series, ten released music albums and one DVD, which has now, in the 40th  birthday, added two ...


  The current composition of the group:

     * JAN FILIP - bandleader

        vocals, violin, hurdy-gurdy, fiddle, medieval bagpipes, recorder


        vocals, flute, recorders, hurdy-gurdy, tin whistle, low whistle, fife gurdy, chalumeau, clarinet


        vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, bodhran, drums, ethnic, percussion, musical audition, sound

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